Do good without money - just donate a litte of your attention!

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do good for free

Help us raise as many smiles as possible!

How does it work?

  • You subscribe to the TIME4CHARITY-Newsletter free of charge
  • We market that newsletter to companies who want to reach you
  • Thereby you get sweepstakes, special discounts and exclusive offers from those brands in our newsletter which is sendout twice a week
  • You scan the newsletter for interesting stuff -- > will cost you just app. 10 seconds/week if there is nothing of interest to you
  • We donate 80% of the profit we make form these marketing budgets of big brands to charities (so far: 3,300 EUR!)
  • You can yourself vote for the charities which should get the money here
  • You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time you want

All in all: let the companies, who will reach you with their adverts somewhere anyhow (e.g. TV, billboards, Websites), pay for charities through their marketing-budgets!


Every year we will post a new list of charities on our website and you can vote for your favorite ones the whole year. We will then in the coming year split 80% of our profit we earned through our advertising revenue evenly among the first three charities who have the most votes. If you miss your personal favorite charity in our list write us a message on our contact-page and we will check your proposal and if valid, include it in the list the following year.

Cast your vote for your favorite charity here now >>

Behind the scenes

In April 2012 my girlfriend and me started for our mission of traveling North-America for one whole year, seeing many different places and meeting loads of new friends on our way. In our "spare time" during that year we worked for the start of this charity-project . If you want to know how we came up with the idea for the trip and this charity-project keep on reading here.

You can also check many pictures of the trip on facebook and also follow our future adventures there: