funds raised

3,300 Euro donated!

Thanks to your attention dear Time4Charity newsletter-readers, we were able to donate 3,300 € in 2013, through our advertising revenue raised in 2012, to the 3 winners of the Charity-poll 2012 (the votes on our English page was added to the poll on our German website)!

Please stay loyal to our newsletter and forward our newsletter-subscriptionpage to your friends, so we can can keep up the good work and raise funds for charities!

Here the UNICEF email-donation-confirmation:

The donation-confirmations of the the other charities should follow in q1 of 2014.

Thank you all!
Maria & Markus

1000 Euro raised

Time4Charity has raised 1,000 € so far! If you also want to do some good without investing your own money, just donate a little of your own spare time and subscribe to our newsletter! And if you havn´t done it yet, here you can vote for the charities which should get the money at the end of this year!



Thanks to everybody who partied with us at our farewell-party last friday. It was a lot of fun and we had a great night!
And big thanks to everybody who donated for our charity: water-campaign! We collected 425,- €. Thanks!

Maria & Markus

Raised in 2012

Here we will document annually how much money we were able to collect in the past year.
In January 2013 we will announce our first years accomplishments.