Moab – Utah

Moab in Utah was our last stop in the end of November, just before our one month Grand Canyon trip. So we „just“ had roughly 6 days to check out the astonishing scenery and landscape around Moab before we had to head on to Arizona on the 2nd of December.
Around one and a half days we spent in the Arches Nationalpark, with it`s unreal sandstone formations and natural bridges. Especially the hike to Utahs landmark, the Delicate Arch, is very rewarding as one can enjoy one of the finest sunsets ever at the arch!

To mix up our sightseeing activities we went bouldering on two days for a couple of hours at Big Bend, which is situated very scenic directly at the Upper Colorado.

We took some more time to check out the Canyonlands Nationalpark, as it is just too big to do it in one day. One day we drove from the north end of the park to the viewpoint „Island In The Sky“ and enjoyed the spectacular cleft landscape of the confluence of the Colorado and the Green River.

On another day we drove from the south end to the „Needles“, where we did an extended day-hike through the famous Needles. Quite hot and sandy, but worth every meter!

After that we camped at the climbing-campground of Indian Creek and on the next day out of the park we checked out the famous Indian Creek climbing walls with the spectacular trad-cracks. Just before we were leaving the park we had the chance to view the so called Newspaper Rock with its abundance of pictographs.

One day we spent on one of the few sportclimbing-walls, the Wallstreet at Potash. There we met two trad-climbing-warhorses, who helped us make those traditional tape-gloves and let us toprope some of their trad-crack-routes.

Like that 6 days went by really quickly and we started heading further south, with a short and great stopover in the Monument Valley.

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