Shelf Road – Canon City – Colorado

On the 17th of November we once more start heading south. Our destination is the sportclimbing-area Shelf Road, which is our first desert-like climbing area. One can camp directly at the climbing area, if you are lucky you can even get a spot with view on the climbing walls. We mostly spend our time at the south-facing Cactus Cliff, which easily fills 5 days of moderate climbing on „three-star-routes“. We climb classics like Illegal Smile (5.11b), the pumpy Muscle Beach (5.11a/b), Lats Don’t Have Feeling (5.11d), the crack I Claudius (5.11a/b), I Lean (5.11a) and Affluenza (5.11c).

As there is no shower at the campsite, we once again had to facilitate our solar-shower, which can be quite refreshing to say the least, when the sky is cloudy ;-)

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