Fort Collins – Colorado

After around one week of being „on the road“ going south, we finally caught up with it, the summer! T-Shirt-weather in Fort Collins! First climbing stop we made was at the close-by Piano Boulders.

After Marias first Halloween party, she and Natalie went for a little bit of bouldering and Leif took me to the famous Gore Canyon for a kayaking-daytrip.

Next Maria and I spent two days at the famous Rotary Park, at the Horsetooth reservoir, where Boulder-Pioneer John Gill has established many boulders around 1967, and hence has brought bouldering to Fort Collins. The Rotary Park was one of the first places in the USA, where Bouldering was developed as an own sports discipline.

After that we made a one day excursion to more alpine terrain, at Arthur’s Rock, with an amazing view over Horsetooth reservoir and the Rotary Park.

Our last two days in Fort Collins we spent in the Poudre Canyon, i.e. in the Palace, a terrific and amazingly scenic sport-climbing area! A few of our favorite routes were Armor Plated 5.11c (UIAA: 8), Rusty Shackleford 5.11b (8-) and Death and Disfiguration 5.11c.

During our time in Fort Collins we also got in contact with Mike, a former kayaker turned rafter, whom we got to know through Mountain Buzz. Mike had won a Grand Canyon trip permit for December and none of his friends had time because the trip date was just around the Christmas days. That`s where we came in, as we have been looking for an opportunity to get on a Grand Canyon trip for some time. As he also lives in Fort Collins he invites us over a couple of times and we talk over the trip. As you see, we had quite fun planning the 25 day Grand Canyon trip!

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