Roadtrip south and Yellowstone Nationalpark

On the 16th of October we left Canmore and made a short stopover at a friend’s place in Calgary for a day before we continued driving south. Just before sunset we drove by large windmill fields.

Our original plan was to drive through the Glacier Nationalpark to a whitewater park in Missoula, Montana to have a few sessions on the Brennan’s Wave. But we got to the entrance of the nationalpark quite late so all the information booths were already closed and we started driving up the steep and windy road in the park. Around 30 minutes later and a big difference in altitude behind us we encountered a closed gate and have to retreat the whole way to take a different route.

As the way around the mountains is too far, we decided to skip Missoula. The drive in the park was still worth it, as on the way back we saw the biggest herd of elks we`ve seen so far.

So we decided to drive to our next destination on the south-west rim of Montana, the Yellowstone Nationalpark, straight away. On our way, the Rockies always on our right, we also saw our first herds of wild horses, or at least horses which were just standing around everywhere without any obvious fences.

We stayed the night at Gardiner, the last small town nearest to the northern entrance to Yellowstone, where we`ll spend the next two days. You can find a overview-map in good quality here.

In the morning we entered the park and drove a few miles to Mammoth Hot Springs, where they have the Nationalpark Headquarter and the Yellowstone Nationalpark visitor center.

Next to the visitor center there a many elks chilling on the lawns between the buildings.

After the visitor center we checked out the Mammoth Hotsprings. What an amazing place!

Next up, the Norris Geyser Basin, with the famous Steamboat Geyser.

And then the Lower Geyser Basin, with the Fountain Paint Pot.

In the Middle Geyser Basin we had a look at the beautiful Grand Prismatic Spring.

In the most famous Upper Geyser Basin with the notorious Old Faithful Geyser we spent the most time exploring.

After two most amazing days in the Yellowstone Park we continue on our way south to catch up with the late summer. On our way we crossed the well known Grand Teton Nationalpark.

Next stop was Lander, Wyoming, where we went climbing in the Sinks Canyon at the sunny Rubber Blanket boulders.

After another day „on the road“ we reached Fort Collins, Colorado, where our friends Leif and Natalie Anderson live, with whom we`ve spent much time on Skookumchuck and at the Slave River.

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