Climbing in and around Canmore

In the beginning of October we arrived in Canmore and started our climbing with an extreme windy day at “Grassi Lakes”, an awesome climbing-area directly next to the city area of Canmore, which is famous for its perforated walls.

Next day we headed to Grotto Canyon, near Canmore. The canyon is extremely scenic, but really shady and nearly too cold to climb. So we searched out the only sunny wall in the canyon, the “Right Wing”, and continued climbing until the sun set behind the adjacent mountains.

After a relaxing rest day we explored another close-by sport-climbing area, just outside of the eastern city limits of Canmore, the Cougar Canyon. We started climbing straight at the first sunny wall, the “House of Cards”.

On our second day of climbing in the Cougar Canyon, we hiked until one of the last walls in the canyon, the “Canadian Fork”.

Next place we explored was Heart Creek, a really picturesque small canyon east of Canmore. There are many walls, so we also came there two days later with our friend Jes, whom we`ve met at the Slave where she was studying bats the whole summer long and paddled with us along the way.

Our last stop in the Canadian Rockies was at the sunny Barrier Mountain and we climbed with an awesome view over the deeply blue Barrier Lake.

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