Roadtrip on the Icefield Parkway

On the 22nd of September we left Jasper Nationalpark and headed to Banff Nationalpark on the direct route, the so called Icefield Parkway. As we were travelling on a Saturday of a long weekend, we simply merged into the tourist-caravan, which went from one tourist-attraction to the next, which meant we kept on seeing the same people over and over again at different places along the whole way, which was quite funny… But there is really a lot of stunning stuff to see, as one glacier follows the next and each waterfall is more impressive than the last one!

As the highway runs on an altitude of roughly 2000 m, one can even walk on an outlet of the Athabasca glacier, which sadly receedes every year as probably all glaciers. But here you can follow the receeding, as they┬┤ve put up stone-markers to document the sad fact!

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