Jasper Nationalpark

After a few restdays in Edmonton, we head for the Kanadian Rocky Mountains on the 17th of September. We aim for the Jasper Nationalpark and our first climbing destination is the “Juno Wall”.
The “Juno Wall” is situated at the east end of the nationalpark, with a fabulous view over the valley in which the Athabasca river flows. The approach is rather alpine, but it is worth it, as the southwall offers not only a spectacular view but also superb sport-climbing routes.

The next two days we climb in the “Rock Garden”, maybe the most classic and popular sport-climbing area in the middle of the Jasper Nationalpark. But we`re still alone at the wall during the week. The wall is perfect for super hot summer days, as the wall is hidden in a very mossy forest.

We spend our last two days in the part at the wall “Lost Boys”. “Lost Boys” is a south-wall, made out of quartzite, with excellent routes. Many overhangs and roofs, exactly the way we like it!

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