So long Slave River – Edmonton here we come

After two great months at the Slave River we started packing our stuff with a heavy heart. Only the dropping waterlevels and the declining temperatures made it a little bit more easy for us. As we had a big drop in the temperature in the last couple of days from 20° Celsius (i.e. 70° F) to around 5° (i.e. 40° F). So after a long break we again packed our van with all our gear and departed on our roadtrip to the south on the 12th of September.

After two relaxed days of driving we arrived in Edmonton, Alberta, where we could stay with Pete, whom we`ve met together with his daughter Daisy at the Slave Paddlefest. Pete was so great and had found out beforehand at which junkyard we could get a replacement for our broken car-window. And he got us a book on how to repair your own Dodge RAM 2500 van yourself. The book is great, as our van is so mechanical that you can repair everything yourself… So on the next day we head to the junkyard and take the window out of another wrecked van and thank god successfully installed it again in our van :-) So in roughly two hours of work we saved around $400 and had a lot of fun at the same time!

On the next day we went with Pete and Daisy to the local climbing gym Vertically Inclined and checked out the local boulder problems!

On the next day, the 16th of September, it was Marias birthday and we went to the local favorite place to Brunch, Cora’s. The queue to get into the restraurant is really long, but the wait was totally worth it!

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