Slave Episode 11: Rock’em Sock’em

Already a few days before the wave started running John gets really excited and is so looking forward to paddle his favorite wave on the Slave River, Rock’em Sock’em which is situated just before Rollercoaster in the Cassette Rapids. At a water-level of around 3500 m³/s it was finally judgment day and we left for Cassette Rapids. At this level the wave-shoulder is rather narrow/small and it feeds eagerly back into the Penalty Box. The Penalty Box is a not too wide but really rowdy and steep hole which one has to cross if one wants to enter the wave via the eddy. If you are not mindful while crossing it you can get a beating really fast! :-) At a lower level (3400 m³/s – 3200 m³/s) the hole gets smaller and the wave gets more green and steep.

I love the sky in this pic:

Maria going for it:

And here a slideshow of the best pics:

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