Slave Episode 9: Molly’s Nipple

As we got close to the end of our stay at the Slave River the water has dropped enough for Molly’s Nipple, i.e. starting at roughly 4300 m³/s or lower there is a tongue through the hole in Molly`s Nipple (although the tongue still breaks and if you are not determined enough or just unlucky you might get thrown to the left into the big hole by the breaking wave and get a decent beating there). When we run it the flow is around 3900 m³/s and Molly’s Nipple still looks trashy but as Honeybadger the tongue is there and it gets wider as the waterlevel drops.

Me going for my personal first descent:

Maria charging:

John kind of wave-wheeling into it:

After we have run it a couple of times in the kayak we come up with the splendid idea that it must be fun to run it on a SUP-board. So I do the first decent or rather the first try of a decent as the breaking tongue still had a too big foam-pile at the end which was impossible to penetrate standing on the board. Naturally John and Natalie had also a go with the SUP but they suffered the same fate as me. But I think that it is definitely possible to do standing upright the whole way, when the water-level is just lower.

John taking a dive early on:

Natalie taking a different approach:

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