Slave Episode 5: Rollercoaster; Cassette Rapids

As the water-level gets too low for Sweet Spot it is time for Rollercoaster. Rollercoaster is the exact opposite to Sweet Spot, as the wave-train is really friendly and the main wave itself is super nice and mostly green at the higher end which is its best level. But don`t get frustrated in the beginning, as finding the right spot to catch the wave on the fly is not easy as it greens out a lot and there is just one spot where you can catch it while it is green. And there are two diagonal waves in front which try to push you off line. At higher levels (between 4600 m³/s to 4300 m³/s) the wave surges and gets really green and steep and you can catch massive air! At lower levels (between 4200 m³/s to 3700 m³/s) the wave has a more consistent foam pile, so you can catch it easier, but it is also not as steep.

Also besides Rollercoaster there is an ideal island to hang out and take pictures, chill and have the one or other bonfire.

Sometimes even bears like to swim through rollercoaster!

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