Slave Episode 4: Sweet Spot at the Mountain Portage Rapids

Three days after our arrival a playspot called Sweet Spot starts running. Sweet Spot is a very rowdy big wave right behind Molly’s Nipple (it is in at around 5200 m³/s to 4600 m³/s). Our nickname for the playspot is Boil City, as the wave is basically formed by huge boils which pop up behind Molly’s Nipple and as you surf you just bounce from one boil to the other. This leads to really rowdy surfs, but can reward you from time to time with immense airtime as well!

But not only the wave itself is really exhausting, but the aftermath is as well! Because if you get of the wave you have to avoid three more hazards. First of all there is a small rocky island around 40 meters behind the wave which is barely covered with water at the best level, so you cannot paddle over it. The main current pushes on that island and you basically want to get away from it, as on the immediate left and right of the island you would drop into some unpleasant pour-overs. Secondly right of the island, which is the common way to go, two sticky holes await you, which you try to avoid. Last but not least the whole scenery gets its finishing touch by the eddy in which you wait for your turn, which is situated right beside Molly’s Nipple. And it is really humbling if you look upstream and see a 3 meter wall of water rushing down into that monster hole Molly’s Nipple. So the thing is, never forget that you are in that eddy, even if the guy in the wave ahead of you is throwing the biggest tricks, always have an eye out for your position in the eddy. As apparently there have been a couple of incidents, where somebody did not pay attention and suddenly was in the backdraw of the hole (the last 4-5 meters are too strong to paddle away from the hole!) and ended up swimming out of Molly’s Nipple.
The big island besides Molly’s Nipple is ideal for taking pictures, bonfires and grilling. The classic thing here in Canada is grilling Smokies, i.e. sausages.

And more pictures of the wave:

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