Slave Episode 2: Honeybadger; Mountain Portage Rapids

Just a few days before we arrived in Fort Smith, Leif, Natalie and John did a first descent of one of the humongous rapids in a side-channel next to Molly’s Nipple, and named it Honeybadger. As it is still the right water-level for Honeybadger (around 5600 m³/s), we head there straight on our first day on the Slave and have the honor to make the fourth descent and at the same time get a good feeling about what it means to paddle on the Slave River! I run it blind without scouting, tail-gaiting after Leif. Maria and Ralf watch us from a small island at the edge of the rapid. The line is quite straightforward, just the hugeness of the rapid is intimidating. But as Leif and I got a good line Maria and Ralf were convinced that it is doable and they followed John down the rapid and also nailed it.

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