Slave River Episode 1: The Yellow House

Maria, Ralf and myself, we arrived in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, on the 16th of July and are straight away greeted with an homemade pizza at the Yellow House, good times. The Yellow House is a semidetached house, painted in a bright yellow colour, inhabited by John and his girlfriend Genevève, aka Gen, and in the other half by Adam and his girlfriend Hilary. In addition Johns house and garden with two huts, functions at the same time as the base of the local paddle-club. Leif and Natalie have been staying with John and Gen each summer for the last couple of years and now we rent the third room of the house for our time at the Slave. As we get there Gerry, a canoeist out of Montana (USA), „camps“ with his dog in the driveway, as he is about to leave for his three weeks solo canoeing trip. Adam and Hilary are also very present on „our“ side of the house at the moment, as their bathroom and kitchen got destroyed by a burst water-pipe just a few days before we got there and all the wooden interior got ripped out. So life was really busy at the Yellow House.  :-)
And this was not about to change in the coming weeks. As every week there were two kayak courses in the evening, one for beginner- and one for intermediate paddlers. In addition the preparations for the Slave River Paddlefest were also starting. Every day new people show up at the house and as a new person in town, it takes some time to distinguish between paddle-club aspirants, people who want to go on the river with us, paddler who came early for the paddlefest or just „random“ people who are seeking some information or company of sort. John just calls it the Yellow House Craziness.

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