Arrival at the Slave River

The Slave River is overall a river without a lot of gradient on the most part of its length. This is different on the stretch of the river between Fort Fitzgerald and Fort Smith. On this rather short 25 km stretch there are 4 major rapids: Cassette Rapids, Pelican Rapids, Mountain Portage Rapids and Rapids of the Drowned. In all of those 4 rapids there are various playspots at different water levels, from small holes to huge waves, one can find everything. And for each rapid one can conveniently set up a shuttle via the highway 5 between Fort Fitzgerald and Fort Smith.

John Blyth, a local kayaker in Fort Smith, as well as Leif and Natalie Anderson out of Colorado, who have spent many summer months in Fort Smith, have run many new lines through the rapids over the last 5 years and discovered numerous new playspots.
They have been kind enough to document most of it on Google Maps and there one can find a lot of basic information about the different lines, rapids and playspots. If you need any more information, just contact John at the Yellow House, there is no better place for data regarding those big water runs on the Slave!

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