Skookumchuck revival

After our short Creeking-Roadtrip in British Columbia, we are psyched up again for some more wave-action at Skooks! So on Sunday the 1st of July we drive to the Sechelt peninsula for the second time. This time the tides should even get slightly over 16 knots fast (last time they were slightly over 15 knots) and according to the tidal-calendar the wave should run again for a good week on the afternoons, so good times!
As we are less people this time we don`t rent out a cabin but instead drive staight to Klein Lake and set up our camp at the camp-site there. Nearly every camp-site has it´s own dock on the lake! Ours is nearly just built out of trunks and the main part is the biggest tree-trunk I´ve seen in water so far!

When we get to the wave we get surprised. As we paddle from Egmont Marina to the Narrows we notice how low the ebb is and as we witness the high tide at Skooks we are astounded as how high the waterlevel gets. Emilly and Dru tell us that the coming week we will have an extreme low tide and a very high flood tide, which will lead to a more pronounced backing up of the incoming water and the wave will start more slowly to get good and when it reached it`s perfect level it will rise faster to reach it’s maximum. Which means for us that the surfable time on the way up is shorter at the good level and the period when the wave greens out in between is longer (nearly over two hours at the maximum). But as we are mostly to ourselves, besides a few sporadic visits from the locals Dru and Emily, we can really enjoy our shorter surf-sessions as we don`t have any queue in the eddy!

At the next weekend we were joined by Steve Rogers out of Whistler and another fellow German dude, Ralf Bischoff. Steve brings along a surfkayak besides his playboat and Ralf on the other hand just brings along a creekboat as he is not much into playboating but still wants to check out Skooks and he is having a blast! They both join us at our camp-site at Klein-lake and we have an awesome relaxing and fun weekend at the camp and at the wave with those two guys!

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