Short roadtrip across British Columbia

After 9 great surf-days on the tidal-wave Skookumchuck, we have a rest-day in Vancouver and get down to some serious shopping. On the afternoon of the next day, Wednesday the 27th of June, we head to the Twin Falls on Lynn Creek, which are situated just outside of Vancouver. It is a very busy tourist-attraction, but for us an ideal playground with a double-drop. All the tourists eye us like we are aliens as we pass them in full paddling-gear with kayaks on our shoulders, when walking to the falls. As we scout the double drop and get ready there is a big crowd of spectators gathering on the bridge just above the first drop and they can`t believe that somebody is really voluntarily going to paddle down the Twin Falls …

In the evening we start to drive the Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver to Squamish and stop near Whistler. Really impressive, left of you the ocean and on the right the mountains. In Squamish we camp at the Mamquam River, or rather directly at the Mamquam Falls, which Leif wants to run on the next day…
In the morning Leif scouts the falls from every angle and after that it takes us another hour to set up safety at various points and the camera, before Leif can hug that 17 meter beast, Mamquam falls.

After that we head to Whistler and camp at the Cheakamus takeout. As we get ready to run the Cheakamus in the morning we meet two local paddlers who┬┤ve just done one lap on it and want to do another one before they have to go to work. Nice setup, just two quick runs of your local river before going to work! The Cheakamus is a class IV river, not really long (the run takes around 40 minutes), but quite continuous and a lot of fun!

After the run we prepare ourselves a delicious Wrap-dinner and spot a bear nearby, which after detecting us makes a big detour around us. Can you spot it on the picture?

As Leif and Natalie want to get to the Slave-River in the north of Canada as soon as possible and Maria and me want to spend another week at Skooks we say goodbye to the Andersons and go our separate ways for a certain time.

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