The New River – levels go up again

During our well deserved rest-day, after 5 days of paddling straight and 4 days of climbing right after that, it rained loads in the drainage of the New River so it`s level went up again rapidly and we set out to paddle the New River Gorge run with a few friends on Tuesday. When we start the level is around 8 feet and when we finish it is roughly 11 feet. The Greyhound Wave is at a very fun level (between 10-11 feet) as the hole on surfers right is nery washed out and one can get really nice bounces and air.

On wednesday the river-level has risen to about 25.000 cfs (i.e. around 12 feet) and we once again have the pleasure to surf the New River Dries Put In Waves!

On thursday the level was on its downward move and we went for another awesome park & play-session at the Greyhound-Wave (level around 10 feet).

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  1. Angelika Leppänen says:

    I am very proud of your doing in the US and wish you a great time!

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