Arrival and Car-Search

The first month is over and for the first time I find the time to update our English blog. What does this tell you? No, not that I´m lazy but just that we have been so f… busy all the time. Well that is what I would call leisure-time stress :-) Kayaking, climbing, slacklining nearly every day. And when we had the one or other rare rest-days we were travelling, looking for the van to buy or sorting the pictures we had taken and posting them to our facebook-page. But I promise, from now on, the updates will come in more frequently. And if you want to know what is going on in between the updates, just like our facebook-page!
Well, what happened so far? On Tuesday night the 10/04/12 we landed in Washington DC and Sheila Chapelle, the mother of Seth Chapelle a fellow Fluid-Team paddler, picked us up from the airport and we could stay at their house in Sharpsburg, Maryland. In retrospect, we honestly don´t know how we should have managed without their great support and awesome hospitality. For sure it would have taken us more time, everything would have been less convenient and we would have missed out on a lot of fun. Therfore once more, THANKS SO MUCH to you guys, you are great!
Straight the next day after we arrived Sheila, Ocoee and Sean (two of their eight kids) took us paddling on the Shenandoah and the Potomac, the local backyard-river of the Chapelle-family.

On the second day we started searching for a used van. We mostly used Craigslist for that. But searching for the right van, getting the insurance and inspection done takes us two weeks. But thank god we were staying with the Chapelles, which meant we were getting some kayaking done in between :-)
The next paddle destination we visit with the three Chapelle brothers Seth, Sean and Ocoee and two of their friends (Casey and Jack) is Great Falls on the Potomac River, close to Rockville. Sheila and her husband Pete join our group after the falls and we paddle together the Potomac-Gorge.
Thanks to the quite high water-level we were able to run the middle lines on the falls, the so called Center Lines.

Everything is captured on stills and film and just after a few days Jack has already put together a nice video-edit of the day.

Just a few days later Sheila and Ocoee drive west with us to paddle the lower Youghiogheny (aka Yough). Just as we put on Jeff Snyder paddles by with his famous inflatable kayak. Well if you don´t know him, you should know that he does not sit but stands in his kayak and uses a really long wooden paddle! That´s what I call stand up paddling!

To get in some variety Sheila, Pete, Ocoee, Rowan, Sean and his girlfriend Sarah take us climbing to Annapolis Rocks which are situated on the Appalachian Trail.

Last but not least we find a right van for us, it passes the inspection after a short stopover to the garage.
And after a visit to the MVA we also get our own new number-plates, yeaha!
After we got the van, we start building our bed and a shelf in the van. And thanks to the Chapelles we just have to buy a few screws and brackets as we can use their tools and their wood leftovers which would have gone to the next bonfire otherwise.

Just as we have finished working on the interior of our van the level for the New River Dries inceases rapidly and we decide to postpone our trip to Canada, i.e. the Ottawa and Quebec for now as the levels there are rather low. Instead we decide to drive south to Fayetteville, West Virginia, to check out the New River and hopefully find some waves!

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