Our first stop in Canada in the spring of 2013 will be the Ottawa River and hopefully the mighty Buseater Wave and many other big waves. I`ve already been at the Buseater in 2007 for the Kayak Freestyle Worldchampionships but unfortunately back then I tore my eardrum early in the trip on another wave called Chambly-Wave. And therefore I spent the large part of the trip not paddling, trying to heal so I could take part at the competition at the end of the 4 weeks, which instead should have been used to train. I could take part at the comp in the end but I had paddled nearly nothing in those 4 weeks. Therefore I´m looking so forward to go back to Canada and see those rivers and waves again.

Here a few pics from Buseater- and Chambly-Wave:

Here one short video from Chambly where I burst my eardrum:

And here a short video from Buseater-Wave:

Stay tuned for our arrival in Canada and the first stories and impressions we will “send” back. If you got some suggestions of places or events we should visit in Canada please leave them as a comment to this post at the bottom of the page.

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