Fluid Kayaks

Fluid Kayaks is owned by paddlers and it showsThey have grown from a small start-up company in 2002 to a leading kayak manufacturer respected in the international paddling community. Their roots are in whitewater, but they are successfully utilising their expertise in the field of serious kayak playing for the benefit of recreational paddlers. Their full range of whitewater kayaks is complimented by a growing range of recreational kayaks.
Their factory is situated in the small town of Parys in South Africa, where they have become an important role-player as an employer of the workers in the local community. They believe the best way to help resolve South Africa’s myriad of challenges is to educate and provide work for the people. In their own small way they do their part to achieve just that, with faith that their involvement will help create a better future for all.
They do everything they can to minimize their impact on the environment, such as the: 1) use of super-linear polyethylene to produce kayaks, which can be recycled easily; 2) reduction of waste wherever possible; 3) recycling of all off-cut material, 4) use of recycled material for non-critical parts such as the packaging material of the kayaks.
Check out the official FLUID KAYAKS-Website.

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