Framing your marketing message in a positive context

Do you think people will perceive the marketing message with a more positive mindset when on the one hand the advert disrupts the movie they are watching and hence they get annoyed or on the other hand when they know that the brand is supporting a charity, directly or indirectly?
Therefore brands, make use of this positive framework and halo effect of charities to convey your marketing messages to the end-user and sponsor us, advertise on our website or book our newsletter!

If you are interested in one of the options above contact us here.

We offer sponsors an exciting platform for promotions and branding.

We have a number of different levels of corporate sponsorship, including:

- car branding
- apparel/material branding
- integration on website
- integration in trip-videos

All of our sponsors will also be included on our sponsors list on our site.

Find out how you can sponsor us or for more information contact us here.

Please get involved and help support charities through TIME4CHARITY.

A big thank you to all of the companies who are supporting us!

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