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In April 2012 my girlfriend and me started for our mission of travelling North-America for one whole year doing our sports at many different places with loads of new people we met on the way. In our “spare time” during that year we worked for our charity-project TIME4CHARITY. If you want to know how we came up with the idea for the trip and the charity-project keep on reading. We´ll also explain how the charity-concept works.

Often I have asked myself which emotional needs should be satisfied by my job to which extent. Or in other words, how important is it for me that my job is helping to make the world we live in a better one or at least tries to do so. I have to admit that so far a job in an area which interests me immensely (i.e. Online-Marketing) and a workplace with superb working atmosphere and colleagues was enough to motivate me to the highest potential. But now various developments fell in place and gave me the possibility to use my online know-how to try and support some charity causes in a larger scale. The project “time4charity” was born, but what does it stand for and how was the idea formed?
My girlfriend Maria and myself were climbing in the mountains as one of us uttered the wild idea “shouldn’t´t we undertake a trip around the world as long as we still can!?” and coincidentally the same idea has crossed the others mind just a few days ago as well.
So before we would start our own family with kids, house and everything, thereby changing our way of life fundamentally, we want to make a huge trip, see many different cultures and people and indulge in our sports with the highest intensity possible. During our planning phase and research for the trip we ran across some websites of same-minded globetrotters who succeeded in collecting some considerable sums of money for fundraising campaigns and charity projects.
This is exactly the spirit and idea we want to keep up in order to support various charity organizations. Additionally we want to set up a system for people who want to do some good and want to support some charity-organizations but who have not enough financial backing to do so directly but who can do so with their simple Email-Address and a little of their own attention. Naturally people can also do both. You ask yourself how this should work? Basically it is quite simple, as time4charity is building up its own newsletter-list which you can enter free of charge and also unsubscribe at any time you like. With our contacts in marketing-agencies, which I have built up during 7 years of working in the online-marketing business, we will market this newsletter-list and hence get a piece of the marketing-budgets of big brands which we will then forward to charity organizations (80% of our profit will go to charity organizations; 20% will be used to keep this project going and make it more known to the public). Therefore you and everybody can help this cause by just entering this email-list and thereby donating indirectly through your own attention while scanning the newsletter for things of interest to you, which will cost you on average 5 seconds of your time in case there is nothing which matches your current interests or needs. The newsletter will be sent out max. twice a week, therefore little of your time (approx. 1 Min. per month if there is nothing of interest to you and naturally longer if you are interested in some client offers presented and click on to the client-webpage) can make a big difference in sum with the attention of all the others who participate.
Therefore the slogan time4charity has two meanings. First of all we finally have found the time to set up this project in order to support certain charity organizations. Secondly you can yourself do good by donating your Email-Address, i.e. some of your attention. Nowadays we are all confronted with adverts throughout our daily life (e.g. TV, radio, print, websites, newsletter) and therefore it makes sense to donate some of our attention we spend on advertising anyhow via this newsletter so time4charity can re-use marketing-budgets of big companies to support fundraising campaigns.
The choice of the charities we will donate the money to will also be made by you (vote now here).  Last but not least, so please subscribe to our TIME4CHARITY-Newsletter and thereby support our fundraising-concept now.

Do good without money here!

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