freestyle kayaking

freestyle kayaking also known as playboating is a discipline of whitewater kayaking or canoeing where the paddler performs various technical moves in one place (a playspot, i.e. a wave or hole), as opposed to downriver whitewater kayaking where the objective is to travel the length of a section of river (although whitewater canoeists will often stop and play en-route). Specialised canoes or kayaks (boats) known as playboats are often used, but any boat can be used for playing. The moves and tricks are often similar to those performed by snowboarders, surfers or skaters, where the athlete completes spins, flips, turns, etc. With modern playboats it is possible to get the kayak and the paddler completely airborne whilst performing tricks. The competitive side of playboating is mostly referred to as freestyle kayaking (formerly called rodeo).

Here you can see one of my most fun moves in a hole, the air-loop:

eiskanal_Bigair loop

Here you can see one of my most fun moves on a wave, the air-backstab:

Nile Special Backstab

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