Maria Stelzig

Surname: Stelzig
Prename: Maria
DOB: 16.09.1980
Birthplace: Weilburg (Germany)
Residence (unless on tour): Munich (Germany)
Job: Civil Engineer
Hobbies: Kayaking, SUP, Climbing, Slacklining, Snowboarding, Randonee, Cross-Country-Skiing, Taekwon-do

Since I was a child I loved all kinds of sport, but mostly played tennis in summer and went skiing in winter. When I turned eighteen I even became ski instructor and spent more time in the Alps. With fourteen I started with the martial arts of Taekwon-do, achieved the black belt in 2005 and stuck with it until now. During high-school I made a climbing course and from then on went climbing whenever I found someone to join me. With Markus I finally found the perfect climbing partner with whom regular climbing made me love it even more and push me to higher limits. About three years ago Markus introduced me to kayaking, especially freestyle kayaking, and I fell in love with it with my first paddle stroke! In a short space of time I learned to surf even big waves, did my first small tricks and ran some terrific whitewater.

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